Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When life gives you a bear rug...

A little over a year ago, on my way home from Ben's Christmas party a bear jumped out in front of me and it died. So, yeah, what exactly are you supposed to do when you're from Southwest Virginia, your honda is on the side of the road all torn up, there is a dead bear in the guard rail and your husband was driving behind you in his flat bed pickup... You tell the officers to load her up, we are going to do something with it.  
In all honesty, it hurt. Like whoa... Sore for day. But anyway, did you know that if you don't have a tag to kill a bear you are not supposed to kill a bear... So once we went through the actual phone book to find a taxidermist who would answer his phone at 8am on Sunday we learned that little fact about the tag. He wouldn't touch it without a tag. So we then had to go to the sheriffs office to get a tag. Thankfully it was cold and the bear didn't get hot and smelly in all of this time to get it to the taxidermist. Once we get to the taxidermist we settled on a fact that we would do a rug. A. Cheaper than a full mount. B. I could put it in a closet if I got tired of him. Holy moly. Have you ever seen a bear skinned?! Tis gross. Anyway, fast forward 6 months and we have a bear rug.
I laid it by bens piano for a few months but that was far more work than it was worth with 2 dogs. So... Lil bear has been laying on a bed in a spare bed room for quite some time now. I had a really crummy makeshift headboard in that guest bedroom and finally it him me! Lil bear could be a "headboard"! We have never had an overnight guest in the 4 years we have lived here, so I'm pretty sure it won't give anyone nightmares. I kinda love how it turned out. So if you have a spare bear rug laying around, think outside of the box. It can be fun! 

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