Sunday, February 9, 2014

I just stole an office!

The Boss has recently moved his office out of the house to his new pharmacy building... thank goodness. But moving everything did leave us with a bit of a disaster in both his office and our living room, since he felt the need to have a couch in his office. Once we finally completed our move for the business his office turned into a "oh thats the perfect place to stash that" room... oops.

Once I finally made it through the disaster, I still was not sure what to do with this room. I already have 2 spare bedrooms that are never used. So it hit me, I need an office... for all of my junk; my paint, my projects and my "things". I immediately decided on a color scheme of coral and gold and went to it! I finished painting one evening and the next day I went "junkin" to find me some goodies to decorate with. 

By far, the best find was this antique tapestry screen. It was 4 sections and I knew that somehow I wanted to make it into a table... but I wasn't sure how. The easiest and most practical solution to me was sawhorses, but I didn't want any ole sawhorses I wanted ones filled with character and age... but I couldn't find anything. Anywhere. So I resorted to some new metal fold out sawhorses that I distressed.

I had no idea what to do with all of these old crates that gravitated towards the junk room... so I thought they made a pretty clever storage solution. 

I'm thrilled with the outcome. I still have to add some photos to frames and some other small decorative touches and I still need curtains and a rug... but this little room is well on its way to being a great little space for all of my junk.

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