Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I love my mom, but I hate Mothers Day

As an adult, I've always wondered how sweet mothers day would be once you become a mother. For years, I've been ready to have a family of my own and once my marriage fell apart it has become apparent that I get to wait for God a little longer... I'm really bad at waiting... just in case I'd not mentioned that before.

Mother's Day super sucked last year... and its shaping up to be equally crappy this year.

Last year, on Valentines Day 2014, I found out that I was pregnant... a few weeks later, I had found out I miscarried - literally 2 days before my marriage fell apart. At that point, I literally felt as if I'd lost everything... and I kind of had. Yes, I was still so thankful for my mom & dad & sister & health and all of that stuff that are a given. But everything I'd worked for in my adult life had been ripped away. They say God will wreck your plans if He sees they are getting ready to wreck you. I fully believe that is what he did. I know without a doubt he has a greater plan for me than the situation I was in - but it doesn't make the pain of a lost pregnancy any less painful, but especially at Mothers Day.

I just saw a post about what it means when moms say they don't want anything for mothers day and it jokingly picked at all of the things like they didn't want: to be woken up early and didn't want boogers on them for a whole day... cute, funny... I get it. But, I hope this Mothers Day, if you have littles running around and getting you all boogery - you take a minute to recognize the overwhelming blessings you have instead of only how overwhelmed you are, that they are lots of women out there who'd love to have your messy crazy busy days raising little ones.

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