Thursday, January 23, 2014


Welcome to my new blog! I'm Kalyn... that's me!  I've tried a few times before to keep a blog up... but I'm doing it this time! I'm excited to document my life... for me, for you, for the future. I've been a photographer since 2007... but that has taken a little bit of a backseat to life.

I've got lots of projects going on right now... so I'm excited to keep you updated with whats going on. I'm currently on a warpath cleaning out my house... I'm sick of the clutter and chaos. As I'm cleaning out, I'm organizing everything. I will be posting photos of the progress of that as well as some of the mess! Of course I'll be flooding you with pictures of the pups (sweet Winston and weird Dudley) and the boss (errrrrr, Ben -he thinks he is the boss).
So this is my adventure... the day to day and the dream.


  1. Hiiiii friieennd! You may have read it on my blog (or maybe not, hah), but there's this thing called the "Liebster Award" going around...and I 'nominated' you for one. All it means is that I like your blog and want you to answer a few fun questions in a blog post back to me (IF you want to). Here's the link to my blog where I've nominated you and listed the questions: